Commercial Commissions

Can I ask you this...does your business marketing, including your web site, have outdated, mediocre, out of focus and poorly composed photos? 

Do you have OLD OR OUTDATED HEADSHOT PHOTOS?  IF your answer is YES Your business needs a facelift and I have the solution!




We know that first impressions purely count on the images [photo] of a person, whether this is face to face or online. Updated professional image portfolios, including team headshots for business, gives your business marketing web 'the look' to engage and educate your visitors.  Better still you want your visitors to remember you and your business and to take that all-important step to take action and contact you.  

One of my clients state, "Kevin Greene is different to many press photographers that I have had the 'pleasure' to work with. The mindset of most seems to be to get in and out as quickly as possible for the fee agreed, and/or attempt to renegotiate afterwards. By comparison Kevin is very personable and gets great images at a mutually agreeable rate".  [Steve Fisher, Editor - Business Link Magazines]

 AN IMAGE PORTFOLIO FOR YOUR BUSINESS IS £75!* [a one hour photography session at your business].  The session includes your top 2 most important elements to photograph; updating headshots, premises or a service for example.  

Business image portfolios; showcase success, products and services; stock images are less than ideal!